for something super

you wanna see something


this tuesday?

i really wish i could have accidentally achieved somethin super this tuesday. like, the glitter-bombing of really ANY candidate today. obviously delivered by yours truly. for serious.

i actually walked around with some glitter


in my pocket


all day today

[all year, actually..its been at the bottom of my purse since my boo's last bday, when i put a bunch of it into a card and put said card into my bag, without sealing its envelope, and brought it to work to then write out, fill, then mail..but some/all of that confetti fell out in my bag]

..just in case. but, hey. tough noogies. i didnt. so ima shuut up about it. cuz you know what they say.. the road to hell is glittered with


but really. if you wanna see something special this tuesday, i say you hurrry the fuck up as it is 10:30PM here in brooklyn so youve only got 89 minutes to get to a mirror!