for mistakes

we all make mistakes. as my mother says,

thats why pencils have erasers.

a large part of my livelihood is based on this fact. people make mistakes and that is why we have erasers, whiteout, the undo button, editors, and proofreaders.

the hope is that we learn from our mistakes.

and while fear is a big motivator of--and, unfortunately, perpetuator of--ignorance, i think that the one thing i have learned from my own mistaken ignorance is even more terrifying: shutting off my brain to new ideas is the most destructive and self-destructive thing i have ever done..

if not the most life-threatening.

and so what am i to do? certainly not just sit back and keep my mouth shut. long gone are those days. and, it seems, this is ok.

facebook, the digital soapbox present in the larger part of the past decade of my life, lets us like just about anything so that our facebook friends can see what our views, beliefs, and interests are. whats more, is we can comment on these things, like these events, and converse on these issues.

being a writer, i have to make a choice when i write: am i going to worry about what my audience is going to think, or am i going to just write?

the only advice i have ever heard repeated time and again on this issue:
just write.

so that is what i do. thats why i have this blog in the 1st place.

yesterday tho, i made a huge mistake. i did not write on this blog, as i should have. i confused my bearing on appropriateness versus saying what i thought people should be made aware of.


i saw a notification about some friends who had liked a particular vice-presidential candidate of a particular party which scares the living daylights out of me. it is so scary to me that this candidate's party actually has supporters. i see this party as only negative, and only attempting to take rights, insurance coverage, and funding away from americans. sure, it stands for some other stuff. and those things might actually be positive for our country.

but could my friends who are supporting these politicians via facebook actually be aware of such outright commitments to hate and discrimination?

no way.

i thought.

they must have forgotten somewhere along the way. theres no way anyone i know would choose such an evil force to preside over our laws and regulations, if they knew about the damaging promises these phonies have made and are going to keep. especially if they claim to be my friend. worse, especially if they claim to love any homosexual, or woman, or both.

so i challenged my facebook friends to think about these things. and asked that if they still thought they would vote for the more-evil party, to unfriend me. i just dont want to sit back and watch any friend of mine promote making a big, big mistake for this great country that prides itself on being free, with equal rights for all.

without further ado here i present that post to you. i have removed the names that appeared on the right-hand side of my screen with this notification, but i do ask that all of us consider the consequences of sharing our thoughts, ideals, beliefs, and political stances for all to see and know, before doing so. cuz someone out there probably doesnt agree. and they might make sure that we hear about it. and probably, we should hear about it. what is the point, otherwise? i do not know. i always have taken these challenges of others in stride, but it was an error to expect that everyone else would, too. so, down comes the facebook post, and up comes this more appropriately placed post.


ok wait..do i have to un-friend you ppls? this just ruined my happy friday and most of my happy-in-general life:
 ---, ---, and --- like Paul Ryan VP.

i hope y'all been hacked! i mean cuz like..ima go home and vomit all over myself now. and probably get preggo and not remember it and then claim to be raped. cuz that's what we women do: we can't control ourselves! we only use birth control to avoid being visibly sexually active. otherwise we couldn't go around having sex all the time instead of using our brains, u know? that's the only reason we need it. aside from being women, pre-existingly-so, u know..cuz that means so much. aside from about 20 reasons off the top of my head i should not ever have to explain to any1 but my doctor. so yeah, if only any of that, i wouldn't need any of it! why would i even have to say i'm a woman and state that fact on my health insurance, ever? it's not like it's strange that it's any1's business. right? i mean, i should definitely be discriminated against and robbed of money and health care more than any1 else..cuz i'm a woman.

it's definitely good that paul ryan is a part of the (gay-hating, marriage-non-equality--promising-by-already-signed-pledge) party to be a vice of the dude who won't even release his tax returns in order to even somewhat suggest he has ever paid 1 single cent in taxes towards anything our government does (u know, maybe health care or something.. or even like, his paycheck as a governor or his dream of getting paid for being our president.. or u know, something like that.. hrmmm who pays for that? not any "real" married couple i know--right, mrs. romney? not even by state. definitely not.) cuz i'm sure he is totally a stand-up guy. this definitely makes me feel good about being an american woman.

oh wait! i forgot! god. right. i forgot about god. of course i did. cuz i'm a sinner. the only. plus, well, i'm gay so i'm probably the biggest sinner of all women. who cares about any separation of church and state, anyway. all that matters is the fact that i am just not to be saved, by the church or by the state.

what i want is this: if any of u r going to vote republican in november, thinking about any of these factors, un-friend me RIGHT NOW. and then, imagine what you've just done.


for something super

you wanna see something


this tuesday?

i really wish i could have accidentally achieved somethin super this tuesday. like, the glitter-bombing of really ANY candidate today. obviously delivered by yours truly. for serious.

i actually walked around with some glitter


in my pocket


all day today

[all year, actually..its been at the bottom of my purse since my boo's last bday, when i put a bunch of it into a card and put said card into my bag, without sealing its envelope, and brought it to work to then write out, fill, then mail..but some/all of that confetti fell out in my bag]

..just in case. but, hey. tough noogies. i didnt. so ima shuut up about it. cuz you know what they say.. the road to hell is glittered with


but really. if you wanna see something special this tuesday, i say you hurrry the fuck up as it is 10:30PM here in brooklyn so youve only got 89 minutes to get to a mirror!