for an open-minded jeweler

yeah, its true: this blog is the product of the laziest writer you ever did meet in ur whole damn life. i am truly the laziest person i know. all around me the people i know are creating beautiful art, sprinkling their talents out on the world, doing what they were put here to do. and then theres me..not writing

(even tho i magically came upon a free copy of microsoft office a few weeks ago and said, "well now i have no excuse. thank you, universe. now i can finish my novel." i even installed it. and converted my open office files back into word files. and did about one day's worth of work and put it away.)

sure i write some at work, but that is to pay the bills..not to feed my soul. not exactly filling the space im meant to. at least, not completely filling my space here. in that one capacity.

one thing i know i was put here to do, i am doing, i think to the fullest: loving the love of my life.

for two years as of tomorrow, actually. and i was never in a relationship this long, so this is a really big deal for me. but the best part of it is that these have been the happiest two years of my adult life.

and i remember when my brother told me how he asked monica to marry him.. he told me she couldnt have been that surprised b/c he always said that if they were together for two years that would mean they could get engaged. that was his marker. and i thought, "yeah, that's fair. that's a long time."

and so here we are. and it happens to be christmas time. and i keep seeing all of these damn jewelry store commercials on television, ads in between words with friends games, telling erryone to buy your diamonds here! get engaged with our beautiful rings! its christmas! its snowing! youre in love! celebrate! give her the eternity ring! every lady wants to show her friends that her man knows what she wants, get her THE diamond cut of NOW!

..and im like, what man?

i started thinking, like, when's there gonna be a gay couple on one of these commercials? whats up with that? who will be the first jeweler to do it? how could there not be ONE even SLIGHTLY ambiguous commercial out there thats speaking to me and my fellow gays?  

not a one!?

and then my friend tranda shared this with me. and i know its gotten some play -- quite a bit, actually -- but i just wish it'd make it on to the ol' boob tube.

maybe next holiday season. for now tho, there's no rush for us. we celebrate our love every day. and two years might be a good tell, but i knew the moment i set eyes on this one that she was it. rings will come when they come, commercial acceptance or not.

happy holidays my friends.