for being totally emotional

this past weekend i attended the bridal shower of one of my very dear friends, amy. a bridal shower, i must add, that was intended to be a surprise. and if mz amy wasnt a real-life space cadet, i wouldve hands-down ruined that surprise all in one big idiotic swoop.

have i mentioned my bad luck?

i dont think i have. i will be sure to fill you in some other day, but for now all you need to know is i have it, and without even meaning to prove it, here is this quick* story.

the trains out to the town on long island i needed to get to for the shower were only leaving every two hours. i decided that instead of sitting in a strange town for two hours before the shower started, i’d pay a lil visit to my parents.

so i headed out to my hometown. where amy is also from, and currently living. i dont even normally go to that train station. usually i intend on going there for convenience’s sake, but miss that train and have to get the next one, which takes me to another town over. but of course on this day, i made it. not only did i make it, but i had time to walk down to the back of the train so that my father could pick me up where he likes to pick us up at that station. as i exit the train in my hometown, it occurs to me that im asking for trouble. my father will be waiting just four blocks from where amy lives. what if she is out for a run, or driving to the deli for a breakfast sandwich? she thinks i am in new jersey this weekend with my lady!

well, i figure the chances are quite slim that she’ll be passing by in the 30 seconds i’ll be walking down the steps and getting into the car—which they are—and i let it go.

walk down steps. see dad. watch footing on steps. hop into car, smiling, hello!

i close the car door and kiss my dad on the cheek and turn to put on my seatbelt and—there goes amy jogging by on the other side of the street!  

you. have got. to be kidding.

i changed my pick-me-out-of-a-crowd sunglasses to my tame, black ones, threw the seat into recline and made my dad turn the opposite way of her so we could escape unseen.

(you know, cuz if my friend thought she saw me, in my parents’ car, reclined in the front seat, but i WASN’T wearing my usual colorful fun sunglasses, she would assume it was not me, and that i was not hiding. for sure.)

dad says amy doesnt seem to be paying attention, so i assume she was just you know, running. not seeing. cuz if she DID see me, the surprise is ruined. she already has to know something is up cuz she specifically asked me what i was doing this weekend, what the party was for in jerz, and which day it was..

it turns out, sometimes we have our own heads so far up our own asses that we cant fathom that someone might not be thinking about us, all the time, or spending time considering every interaction we’ve had with that person. i mean, its either that, or amy was totally surprised because she really is a total ditz. it turns out she DID see me, and was too tired to run across the street and say hello, and was going to text me later. she just thought something happened and i didnt go away. no big deal. she still “knew” she was going to her [fake] make-a-wish fundraiser at the country club with her aunt. why would she question that? yeah. i think i got lucky.  

after getting very unlucky with that timing.

well what i wanted to share with you all

(in uncontainable excitement for the jersey shore season premiere tonight)

is that i found myself admitting to “being a crier” at my table of women at this shower. my tablemates were all talking about getting emotional over commercials and greeting cards and feeling silly about it

(oh, haha.. well they sure do excellent marketing tests..they really get ya..yeah, ha-ha..)

and then, like word vomit, it was out on the table: i cried at the end of last season’s finale of jersey shore. and let me tell you, i was not crying over its sad reflection of society

i was moved to tears when snookie and j-wow parted ways at the end of the summer and realized they are best friends and would miss each other terribly in their time apart. honestly, i was brought right back to the end of freshman year of college when shannon and i had packed up our room at bowdoin and were getting into our parents’ cars and saying goodbye and we cried and cried. my dad didnt say a word as we pulled away from the dorm and i tried to cover up the fact that i was so, so sad and hadn’t really realized until that moment that i’d found a new best friend that year and i was going to be lost without her in my living space for the next couple of months apart. but it was true.

so yeah, the jersey shore made me cry. there you have it. lets hope tonight’s new episode makes me laugh, instead, and feel smart and together-ish in comparison to these people, cuz that’s why i finally caved in the first place and started watching the damn show last season when i got hooked. yep, thats also true: after like only three episodes of the season i felt for those girls and cried right along with them at the end of the season. its cool. im secure enough with my edginess to admit that im also a huge sucker for anything mildly moving, whether or not i know the people involved at all.

*not actually so quick.

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  1. GASP!!!! I guess we all have our dirty little secrets :)